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As a result of Dan being involved in a catastrophic truck crash himself, Ramsdell Consulting Services, LLC is devoted to achieving Dan’s nearly life-long mission of “Putting The Brakes On Unsafe Trucking Companies.” It is Dan’s belief that by accomplishing his mission, thousands of innocent people on our roadways will be protected and spared from needlessly sustaining catastrophic injuries and death caused by unsafe and illegally operating trucks and motor carriers. To achieve the goals of that mission, Dan is now carving out a segment of time separate and apart from his practice of law to provide trial consultant and litigation support services in catastrophic trucking cases nationwide.

In this way, and as a way of “giving back”, in this more limited role, Dan can take time to help more truck crash victims in more cases nationwide by conducting a case specific trucking case audit and assisting in the identification of all potential defendants, all potential violations of trucking industry safety regulations, practices and procedures, all potential available insurance coverages, and all potential facts to support claims for the award of punitive damages. Ramsdell Consulting can then help the plaintiff’s attorney to effectively communicate all of this information by creating important and effective exhibits and communicating important and relevant information in settlement brochures, on case specific web sites, and for use at depositions, mediations, and at trial.

Dan’s unique and extensive nationally recognized experience in effectively resolving interstate trucking cases will benefit any plaintiff wanting to achieve a full measure of justice in their catastrophic truck crash case.

About Dan

Dan is a member of the American Society of Trial Consultants. For the past 10 years as National Director of APITLA, Dan has provided informal trial consulting to hundreds of lawyers.

Through his work as a litigation and trial consultant at Ramsdell Consulting Services, LLC, and as a way of “giving back”, Dan is carving out a segment of time separate and apart from his time available to practice law as co-counsel, to also provide litigation and trial consulting services so he can help more lawyers help their deserving clients.

Ramsdell Consulting does not practice law. We only enhance the skills of the legal practitioner to effectively identify and communicate all critical liability facts. Just one overlooked area of liability can easily make the difference in millions of extra dollars.

When he was just 17 years old, Dan and his mother were both nearly killed in a crash with a big truck. Dan later attended law school, and is now nationally recognized by plaintiff and defense attorneys alike as one of the most knowledgeable and passionate persons in America regarding the identification of, and effective presentation and communication of, all aspects of the multiple areas of violations of trucking industry safety rules, regulations, standards, practices and procedures.

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