Ramsdell has well over a decade of nearly unmatched nationwide experience identifying, supplying, creating, writing about, speaking about and effectively communicating and presenting exhibits and suggestions and techniques regarding the identification of trucking industry violations of industry safety rules, regulations, practices and procedures all over America.

These communications techniques and the suggestions provided by Ramsdell Consulting Services, LLC can be used by plaintiff’s counsel in any manner they so choose. Some of the options available for their use include during the depositions of important defense liability experts and witnesses, assisting plaintiff’s testifying liability experts, for use in motions, pleadings, focus groups, mediations, mock trials, cross examination, impeachment and at trial.

Dan Ramsdell is one of the few lawyers in America that focuses his law practice nearly exclusively on Plaintiff interstate Trucking Cases. Ramsdell has litigated interstate trucking cases in approximately 14 different states, is a member of the Multi-million Dollar Advocates forum, has been repeatedly named a Missouri Kansas-Super Lawyer and is a past elected Board member of the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys. He is noted as a Top 100 by the National Trial Lawyers Association.

For over a decade Ramsdell has been the National Director of The Association of Plaintiff Interstate Trucking Lawyers of America and has also provided trial consulting assistance to attorneys on the interstate trucking industry regulations, rules, standards, practices and procedures and the basis for obtaining punitive damages as applied to the particular interstate trucking crash case scenario.

Most trucking cases that Dan handles are referred to him by other attorneys. The cases often involve tragic, complex situations and catastrophic consequences. A true testament to Dan’s leadership in the field of trucking litigation is his engagement by other attorneys looking for a national authority to assist in achieving just results for their clients. As a result, Dan has litigated trucking cases in well over a dozen different states.

Ramsdell has decades of nationwide experience working especially in the liability areas of interstate trucking litigation cases, including making effective communications and presentations to decision makers, insurance defense lawyers, insurance companies, focus groups and mock trials regarding the violation of interstate trucking industry safety regulations, rules, standards, practices and procedures, in numerous types of commercial interstate trucking and commercial bus crash cases. These areas of liability include but are not limited to the liability of commercial motor carriers, their officers, agents, representatives, and employees responsible for the management, maintenance, operation, or driving of commercial motor vehicles, or the hiring, supervising, training, assigning, or dispatching of drivers. These entities sometimes include lessors and lessees of commercial motor vehicle equipment, lessors and lessees of commercial motor vehicle operators, brokers and shippers, employee leasing companies and other potential defendants, depending upon the particular facts of the case.

Ramsdell has decades of experience analyzing, preparing, identifying, creating and implementing effective liability exhibits on specific areas of trucking industry violations in cases for plaintiffs, and their manner of use in order to be able to best communicate to anyone the trucking industry’s liability in each and every phase of trucking litigation. The consultant’s recommended communications and exhibits process starts with the investigation of the case, and continues through every phase of the litigation through and including depositions, settlement, trial and appeal.

The effective use of each of the consultant’s multiple and powerfully effective suggested liability exhibits, unique deposition communication methods and techniques, sequencing and order of evidence, the liability trial story, liability themes, and their use during every phase of the case, can serve to very clearly establish the trucking industry defendant’s liability, even in complex cases. The use of this process often helps to identify a defendant’s conscious or reckless disregard of trucking industry safety rules, regulations, standards, practices and procedures, as well as the identification of additional potential trucking industry defendants.

Possible uses of consultant’s services by plaintiff’s legal counsel include communication of, and presentation of, important evidence for use in the depositions of defense liability experts and liability witnesses in depositions, motions, mediations, focus groups, mock trials and trial. As a consultant, these suggestions and communication techniques will only be by done and performed by Ramsdell Consulting Services, LLC pursuant to the direction and control of plaintiff’s legal counsel, to protect attorney work product privilege.

Ramsdell Consulting Services, LLC